About All Total Marketing

All Total Marketing is purely a marketing organisation, Which is registered under the government of Odisha on date 16th oct 2014,having GST registration number 21ARNPB9751D1ZO.It is an intermediator between the entrepreneur and the customer to supply the product in properly & easily from the urban to the rural through its very simple and clean distributor channel network. All Total Marketing always focus on simple and technical supply of various goods to door step. Now it’s starting from the state capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar, but it aims to spread business throughout the world.

  • Focus on womens empowerment
  • Unemployment Solutions
  • Promote Digital India
  • Create huddle-free market for rural India
  • Promote Agriculture and farmers through organic farming

Our Mission and Vision

1. Quality product service:-

In market there are variety of products available,one product in different name and quality, according to the quality the rate also differ. But many organisations sells the low quality product in high quality rate .People of rural do not know about this. All Total Marketing is now a key to open a new genuine system throughout the country. All Total Marketing is taking an initiative to aware and educate the people about the class of product .We have world class product having so many certifications like,

2. Fight against Exploitation:-

So many company are marketing directly or indirectly in India .But they are exploiting to the people of India and to the customer by showing various business plan. They are selling their products in high price by giving false assurance. People are also purchasing the products for their healthy life and future . Maximum companies are exploiting to the customers through their marketing system to give profits to their stockist, distributors, dealers ,retailers etc. But All Total Marketing will reach to customers at their door step through it’s direct distributors channel network, which will make a profit to the customers and support to abolish the middleman commission system.

3. Make a saving from daily Expenditure:-

People purchase products in MRP (maximum retail price) in their daily life. Maximum price means maximum expenditure .Everybody knows the expenditure is growing on and now a day’s all people are suffering for income in day to day life. Hike of price is now a challenge for every family. All Total Marketing is going to start a new era of M.R.P means “Minimum Retail Price” which will give a better profit to the customers. It will not be less than 20% of daily expenditure in whole life of a customer.

For Example:

If we calculate daily expenditure of a family as Rs.100/-(One hundred rupees only/-)
Then the monthly expenditure is Rs.100 x 30days = Rs.3000/-
The yearly expenditure is Rs.3000 x 12 months = Rs.36000/-
And the life time expenditure of a family = Rs.36000 x 60 years = Rs.21,60,000 /-
Means commonly a family may spend Rs.21, 60,000 /- (Twenty one lakhs sixty thousand) on their daily expenditure in their whole life, and 20% save means 20% of Rs. 21,60,000 = Rs. 4,32,000/- (Four lakhs thirty two thousand).

Take a look friends, is Rs. 4,32,000/- a small amount ?
Each family have a chance to save minimum of Rs. 4,32,000/- by purchasing from All Total Marketing.


Our India is the second largest country after China in population.35% population of India are youth .Due to huge population, unemployment problem is arising as a new and big problem in India. It is now a big challenge for the government of India .People are migrating to other country for job.Through our distributor channel network so many people will be engage and they will be able to maintain their family with a standard income. A large number of employment will generate through the system because ALL TOTAL MARKETING is the marketing of all class people with various brands and products.


So many foreign companies are promoting and selling their products in India .We also have many product which have international qualities and standards like ayurveda, herbs, minerals, and much more. We are taking an eye to promote all these products world wide, For which India will get much more foreign revenue. It will support to grow our Indian economy.


The M.S.M.E sector is playing a vital role on the economic development of India. But now a days after the COVID 19 pandemic maximum industries are in worst condition. They are struggling for their existence .All Total Marketing will give them an opportunity to sell their products globally, help them to get profit and rebuild their business.

Women's Empowerment

Women's empowerment can be defined to promoting women's sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others. Every women is unique and masterpiece of god.

Make In & Made In India

Make in India is an initiative by the Government of India to make and encourage companies to develop, manufacture and assemble products made in India and incentivize dedicated investments into manufacturing.

Protect Soil & Earth

Soil is essential to life on earth. Simply planting trees is a good conservation method as it secures topsoil and erosion is prevented. Through Organic farming we can protect the soil and save farmers with farming.

Income From Daily Expenditure!

Human wants are unlimited. To fulfil them each and everybody running behind income because the expenditure site is growing on.

Health is wealth but How?

Everybody says health is wealth but one health issue can ruin ones family life living standard.

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